Gate Shipping

Gate Shipping Industry and Trading Co. Inc. provide a broad spectrum of Ship Management services which covers ISM, Technical Management, Crew Management and Commercial Management. Currently we manage a diversified fleet, consisting of RO-Ro vessels, General Cargo Vessels and Bulk Carriers.

Underpinning our aptitude in offering a full portfolio of third party technical ship management services is our team of highly skilled and dedicated superintendents. We monitor the vessels' performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Further, ships under our care are inspected at regular intervals by the superintendent concerned to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to mainatain an active contact with the vessel.

We recognise the value of deploying seafarers who are well-trained and certified in accordance with STCW 95 and the ISM Code. Our primary concern is to deliver safe, efficient, high quality, ethical and cost effective ship management solutions that satisfy our customers.